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October 5th meeting highlights

06 Oct 2015 1:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

This was our first meeting at Beef O'Brady's and I have to say I was nervous about whether the facility would work or not.  I am happy to say that it worked very well.  Everyone seemed to enjoy being able to eat before or during the event.  Beef O'Brady's staff did a wonderful job of keeping up with the food orders and not disrupting the meeting.  The food looked and smelled incredible.  It is obvious with the number of people attending our meetings that we will soon need a larger space.

Crit Smith of Smith, Thompson, Shaw, Minacci, and Colon, PA kicked off the speaker circuit with trees.  Yes, we as Southerns love our trees but they can cause so much damage to structures.  Crit covered trees on someone else's property but hanging over your property, your responsibility as a tree owner, insurance issues, laws about who can cut the tree, and who is responsible when they fall.  There were lots of questions in this segment.

Next up was Charlie Strickland from Talon Range and Charlie Strickland for Sheriff.  He talked about how to keep yourself out of harm's way when visiting empty houses or showing properties to strangers.  He even included ways to use your cell phone and cloud technology to protect yourself.  Also discussed was stand your ground and justifiable uses of force laws.  Talon range offers a variety of classes on self defense and concealed weapons.  You can visit our sponsor page and click the link on Talon Range to go to their website.  

Roxanne Manning of Community Redevelopment Agency spoke about monies available for developers of projects in the city.  She told us about the areas that Tallahassee is loaning money for - businesses and residential.  This started a few really good brainstorming conversations in the "meeting after the meeting".  

We were honored to have City Commissioner Curtis Richardson with us.  His contributions on the issues of trees on city right a ways and permits was priceless.  Along with his insight into the CRA money.  Mr. Richardson has also secured Benjamin H. Pingree, MPA, Executive Vice President of the Economic Development Council of Tallahassee/Leon County, Inc. to be one of our November speakers!

Mark gave us an update on the Ronald McDonald House wheelchair ramp - the board of RMH approved the plans done by Johnson and Milner Engineering.  Mark is delivering the plans to Antoney Manning of Regional Construction Services today so he can get the permit and approval by the city.  In addition, we raised $44 for RMH bringing our total to $409.00.  This money will be used for any unexpected additional expenses in replacing the wheelchair ramp and the stairs and landing in the back.  Thank you to all who have donated to the cause.

We also had Elizabeth Misco of University Lending Group as a guest.  She spoke about the ULG Renovation loans during the problem solving session of the event.  Mark and I will be meeting with them next week to learn more about the programs that have for investors.

ALSO - WE WOULD LOVE TO FIND SOMEONE TO BE OUR MEETING PHOTOGRAPHER IN EXCHANGE FOR A MEMBERSHIP AND T-SHIRT!  We will provide the camera - just need someone devoted to capturing some great photos.  Need to attend some of our events too such as our RMH wheelchair ramp build.  Email me at CamilleDMueller@gmail.com if you are interested.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the meeting a success.  

Call, Text, or Email me:

Camille - 850-692-9449


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