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January 2017's Meeting Highlights

10 Jan 2017 10:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We kicked off 2017 with a special guest speaker Author, Entrepreneur, and real estate investor Dan Wos.  

Dan talked with us about how he got started in real estate investing by attending meetings and trainings with Mark's former real estate investment group - Action Investor Network - in New York.  Dan then took ACTION and became a doer!  Mark coached him and Dan followed the instructions to a T.  Now he has a collection of cash flowing properties which allowed him to purchase businesses and spend time writing.

Mark says:  Dan was a Doer not a Viewer.  He was coachable.


Our next guest speaker is our newest Platinum Sponsor

Rennai Palmer Kelly

Owner/Broker of Regal Homes

Rennai talked about what today's buyer want and the market.

Today's buyers are so busy with work and their children's activities that yards and big houses are not what they want.  They spend their free time taking their kids to sporting activities and other activities that they do not want to spend their free time mowing a yard or cleaning a big house.  As maintenance free as possible, please!

She also talked about color palettes - Greys are going out and more neutral brown are coming back in.  

Tallahassee is definitely a seller's market now with limited inventory - especially in the $250k and above price range.  Buyers expect the homes to be perfect and are disappointed when they are not.  Its turn key all the way.  Nice finishes.


Joe Wade from Cranes and Heavy Rigging enters the room!

I am sure he is super busy with all the tree damage we had recently.  If you need a tree removed, he is the one to call.


We had a great turnout and an extra long Q & A session.

The next meeting is February 6th!

Next Class in February 11th - Rehabbing for Maximum Profit


Call, Text, or Email me:

Camille - 850-692-9449


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